Jason W Poole

I am an very experienced songwriter.I have been composing music for 15 years and are a specialist when it comes to pop music,but I also do some remarkable classic preludes.I have recently wrote a new album about special times in my life, and have qualified as a professional hair stylist and have been awarded for my music thory and composition.


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02 янв 2019
Study of Electronic/Trance Music
Throughout 2018 Jason has been studying the composition of electronic and Trance Music. While being busy with this Genre Jason is still composing many Classical Music and has been studying artists such as Rachmaninoff and Beethoven.Jason will be working on some new exciting Trance Music to be released in 2020 on MusicaNEO.
30 авг 2011
New music by Jason W Poole by October
Mr Jason W Poole has been writing some new dance and pop music which will be published on load cd by October.It is a whole new album and it is about special times in his life. Mr Jason W Poole is an experienced singer- songwriter and has been making music from the age of 5 and is a professional when it comes to writing and composing pop music, and believes he has what it takes to get a hit in the charts.He is going to publish an video of some of his music on Youtube in the near distant future.
30 авг 2011
New music on the way
I,have written some more exciting music and will be published on loadcd in October, it is a whole new album of pop and dance music.I write music about special times that have happened in my life and I love sharing those times in my music.